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Container Stuffing & Devanning

Why pay expensive demurrage charges at the port when you can use our container storage, stuffing and devanning service.
We can handle all types of container freight, with no restricting minimum contracts.
Our facilities in Suffolk are conveniently located with good road links to the A14 to receive containers from Felixstowe and Harwich ports.

FAQs about Container Stuffing and Devanning

What is container devanning?
It is the unloading of cargo from a container.

What is container stuffing?
It is the process in which cargo is loaded into an empty container which is then sealed and transported to the carrier for loading onboard a ship.

How much notice would I need to give you to have my container stuffed/devanned?
We require a minimum 24 hours notice.

What size containers can you stuff/devan?
We can handle all sizes of shipping containers from 20ft to 40ftHQt

Can I store my devanned goods with you?
Yes, we can easily store your goods. For more info see pallet storage, bulk storage and self-storage services.

Will you keep an inventory of my items?

How will my items be stored?
Your items will be stored safely in our secure climate controlled warehouse

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