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External Storage Solutions

At Glasswells we provide a complete storage service, whether you need to store vehicles or shipping containers outside or indoors we can accommodate your requirements. Our premises are secure and alarmed with 24 hour CCTV in operation.

Who needs External Storage solutions?

A car dealership may need excess space to store vehicles. You may need external storage for trailers, shipping containers. You could even store a vehicle securely at Glasswells in Bury St Edmunds if you run a travel business to strategically place vehicles at other locations without having to buy premises.

FAQs about our External Storage

How secure is your external storage area?
Our external yard has high security fencing around the perimeter with CCTV, reassuring our customers that their items are securely stored.

What do your clients usually store externally?
Our customers use our external storage area to store cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, shipping containers etc. Whatever you need to store, just contact us

Is there a minimum contract length?
No, there is no minimum contract. Our service is completely flexible to suit your needs.

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