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Self Storage Facility

Our ‘Self Storage’ is a flexible and convenient service for customers who wish to manage their own offsite stored items with easy access 5 days a week.  For a competitive quote contact us now to discuss your requirements.

FAQs about Self-Storage

What does ‘Self-Storage’ mean?
Self-storage allows you to rent a container/pallet from us to store your items which you would have access as and when required . We just require 24 hours’ notice.

In what circumstances would Self Storage be of use?
For example, if you required an additional offsite storage space for your goods and wanted to manage your own items/customer orders. Then this is the right service for you.

How easy is it to access my goods- will I need to give you notice?
Ideally we would like 24 hours’ notice, so that we can have your pallet/container ready for when you arrive.

Do you cater for domestic customers?
Yes, please visit our removals website for more information.

Is there a minimum contract length?
No, there is no minimum contract. Our service is completely flexible to suit your needs.

Will I be invoiced weekly or monthly?
We can invoice you weekly, or monthly, depending on your requirements.

Will my goods be secure?
For your complete peace of mind we have steel perimeter fencing, 24 hour internal and external CCTV, an intruder alarm system, metal shutters, fire and smoke detectors and steel fire doors.

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