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Storage Solutions

If your business is expanding or overstocked and you need additional storage space but you do not wish to commit to a long term lease or purchasing premises, we can help. We offer secure long or short term storage for your goods whether it’s large or small items regardless of quantity. Based in Suffolk with good road links to the A14 and Felixstowe port.

Our purpose built storage and distribution centre contains the latest racking systems and specialist fork lift trucks to efficiently manage all kinds of storage needs.

Types of Storage offered by Glasswells Storage

There are lots of different types of storage that Glasswells Storage offer. We can cater to almost any kind of arrangement, and each storage offering has its own different services that go with it that you might discover are extremely convenient to you and your business and could save you time, money and resources within your own business.

Glasswells Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

You may require Bulk storage if you have a lot of stock that requires selling. An ebay store that you have set up at home for example may require you to have space in your home to store stock but you have no space to place the items in your home.

archive storage glasswells

Document Archiving

Document Archiving enables you or your business the ability to put documents away somewhere secure, safe and away from your own business. Documents can take up a lot of space in an office and are extremely difficult to manage. Our document archiving services enable you a place to store all your documentation with the ability to access items whenever you require.

Glasswells-External Storage

External Storage

You might need external storage space for vehicles or large items such as shipping containers that you have no space to store at your own business address or home address. find out more about External Storage solutions offered by Glasswells Storage.

glasswells self storage

Self Storage

Self storage enable you access to your own items 5 days a week. You can come in and collect items from your pallet or storage space(s) whenever you want at a time that suits you.

glasswells pallet storage

Pallet Storage

Pallet Storage is simply any item that can fit on a pallet. You might require pallet storage for food stock, sofas, chairs, or other furniture. Lots of our customers are domestic, commercial or industrial making use of our pallet storage services.

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