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Bulk Storage Solutions

If you need additional storage space but you do not wish to commit to a long term lease or purchasing a premises, we can help. We offer secure long or short term storage for your goods whether it’s large or small items regardless of quantity.

You might need bulk storage for extending available space for your stock as your own premises are quite small. Equally a business may need bulk storage for an ebay store where someone has a lot of stock that is not easily stored in your home. You can store almost anything you would like at Glasswells. Just give us a call and have a chat and see what we suggest for your particular storage solution.

FAQs about Bulk Storage

My items won’t fit neatly on a pallet. Can you still store them?
Yes, we can accommodate all shapes and sizes of goods.

Can I rent space in your warehouse?
Yes, we have storage bays which are effectively an empty space which can be made available to you.

Do you offer a pick and pack service?
Yes, for more information click here.

Is there a minimum amount of items required to use your service?
No, we can store any quantity of items.

How long can you store my items for?
As long as you need us to. There are no minimum contracts so our service is completely bespoke and flexible

What security measures do you have in place at your facility?
For your complete peace of mind we have steel perimeter fencing, 24 hour internal and external CCTV, an intruder alarm system, metal shutters, fire and smoke detectors and steel fire doors.

Can you store food stuffs?
Yes, we can store non-perishable foods in our climate controlled warehouse.

Where are you based and is your warehouse easily accessible?
Our storage facility is just off junction 44 of the A14 so we’re easily accessible and have great links to the Midlands and Felixstowe port

Will I be invoiced weekly or monthly?
We can invoice you weekly, or monthly, depending on your requirements.

What additional services do you offer?
see our other business services and storage services

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