Who Needs Storage Solutions?

Personal Storage

You might need storage for various reasons, in particular personal storage could be because

house move

Moving Home

You are moving house and require things to be stored somewhere before your move-in date.

student storage

You want to have a place to drop stuff off between home and university. This is a good alternative to ensure you dont have a packed car full of your belongings everytime you drive to and from university. You might also be waiting for your move in date to your rented accommodation

home redecoration

Home Renovation

You might require a space to put your stuff whilst you redecorate your home. If so you need somewhere quick and convenient to store your belongings.



If you are relocating then you would need storage while between homes. If you are moving into Bury St Edmunds or the surrounding areas of Suffolk then it would only be a short move to get your stuff into your home. We can even do it for you if you prefer!

storing your vehicle

Vehicle Storage

If you need somewhere to put vehicles that are taking up space in your garage, or if you want to have a clearout and need space, then you can store your vehicles with us! We have plenty of external storage space that many people make good use of.

Commercial Storage

too much stock


If you have too much stock, or if you can save a lot by ordering in large quantities then we can store your surplus stock and ensure you have access to it at convenient times. You would most likely need Pallet storage for surplus stock, and many businesses are currently using us for this very reason

office renovation

Renovating your business?

If you are renovating your business then its likely that you will need somewhere to store all your items within your office or place of work temporarily while the renovation takes place. If so then we can ensure that we can make the process work as swiftly as possible for you and help with all the various types of storage you may require for this. Just give us a call to discuss what you need.

paper work storage

Paperwork management

Are you a business that produces a lot of paperwork? If so then you re not alone! We have many businesses and local institutions that use our services to ensure they have a secure way of storing all their paperwork that they might need at some point in the future. We store everything in archive boxes and it helps with organising and finding documents in no time. Have a closer look at our Archive Storage

shop display storage

Display equipment

Sometimes you may have an old display that you have invested in and want to use again next year, but to store it in your office is difficult because of limited space. If so then we can help and its really simple. You will probably require pallet storage, which is very affordable, convenient and manageable for any sized business.

saving office space

Freeing up Space

You may just simply require more space in order to put new desks or somewhere to store old items that have a use in future, but just not at the moment. If so then we can ensure that we have the right storage solution for you that frees up space in your business.

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