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Glasswells Storage helps students store their items while away from home.

We all know how much students can acquire that they just cant part with! and it only becomes more of a problem whilst at Uni!
Our Storage Solutions have enabled students from colleges and universities to easily solve the notorious problems with storing possessions whilst away from home at university.

We are based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, which is an ideal location to store items if you are travelling to UEA from London or most other locations in the UK.

We also have students from the University Suffolk Campus who are making use of our storage options available as our warehouse is strategically positioned between the gateway of the rest of the UK between Ipswich and Cambridge, and is very easy to get to from the A14 junction.

We have local students use our services as well as people who are far away from home looking to store items somewhere close to their university.

University End of Term

Some landlords have rules on storing items over summer, so be sure to check your contract with whatever tenancy arrangements you have with your landlord.

If you live in university halls then you might have to move out before your new agreement begins later in July.
So being on top of where things will be stored is something to consider!

Its great if you can leave your possessions at home and go and get them when you can, however its not always an option especially if you are living a long way from home, or if there is simply no space at home, or you don’t have a car large enough to move so many things at once!

Storage Services
The storage service is really simple, you have a pallet where you can add and takeaway items whenever you want. If you wanted to store large items you can, whatever fits on a pallet you can store!

Security of your possessions
Within the local area of Suffolk, Glasswells are a very reputable company and have highly secure premises that ensure that your possessions are safe and secure at all times.

Shown above is a map of some of the Universities around the UK that students use to store their items here at Glasswells.

You can see us located on the map in the orange icon, and the universities around the UK to show where we are in relation to your university and accommodation.

We might be in a really convenient place between your home and university. If so then take a look closer at what we can do for you.

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